i'm chris green. i build sweet things using rad technologies

C#, .NET, iOS, React, Vuejs, Express.js, Azure, AWS developer.

(but you won't find much of that here. here i'm just tryna be fast)

what i do.

i combine a pragmatic and energetic approach to development with real-world, tested & tried experience. i bring smile, coffee, energy, passion, drive & sometimes a little ferocity to the table. i love seeing somebody's vision come to life, and more importantly, i love helping them get there.

understanding that processes are important, but shit needs to get done, i can work with any size of team to effectively communicate and execute on your software ideas.


it me. chris green.



Lead Developer (current)

i manage an energetic group of developers and coordinate with a brilliant product team to build the best proposal software on the market. SumoQuote is a SaaS tool that allows contractors to create quotes fast, professionally and branded for their specific company.

Developer (May 2020 - Dec 2021)

as a developer at SumoQuote, i worked with the CTO to develop and mature the product according to the product team's specifications. i'm particularly proud to have built a virtual sales tool utilizing WebRTC (Twilio), Azure Service Bus, SignalR, and a bunch of other cool technologies.


Development Consulting (ongoing)

over the years as a contract developer, i've built many cool products that are in widespread use throughout alberta and saskatchewan. give me a shout and i'd be happy to discuss what i've had the privilege of developing.

at this time, my development capacity is in the negative. keep checking back to see if i've got time for your project.